Faithless Electors are NOT the way to STOP Trump!

Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

On November 8th, any Hillary Clinton supporters were disappointed when Donald Trump became President-elect. As I sat at my computer, covering the election, I saw the tearful faces in the Javits Convention Center (where Hillary Clinton awaited the results of the election). For Clinton supporters, defeat was not an option. Since the election, there were many attempts to deny Donald Trump the presidency. First, a series of protests and demonstrations broke out across the nation. Then, Jill Stein demanded a recount, which (according to the Associated Press) gave Trump slightly bigger leads in Michigan and Wisconsin. However, these events did not stop Trump or change the result of the election. For the Democratic Party, there is only one hope left: that the electoral votes to stop Donald Trump.

Although that may seem like a likely scenario (considering that many moderate Republicans detested Trump), all news outlets have reported that it is (in fact) highly unlikely that the electoral college would vote against the president elect. Sources from the Republican National Committee have told CNN that they have contacted every Republican elector and found that only one will likely vote against Donald Trump. Since the “Hamilton electors” plan will not work, how can we stop Donald Trump.

We can stop this hideous and disgusting individual by opposing any intolerant policy he enacts. We can stop his hate by debunking all of his claims, starting with the fact that the election may have been rigged. By giving Trump the presidency, it would draw into question many of his other claims (climate change denial, etc.). When Trump begins to deport illegal immigrants, we can oppose him by giving them shelter in our homes. We can hold mass demonstrations against his tyrannical regime, if necessary. However, when we can, we should work the president, help create jobs, and rebuild our infrastructure. Therefore, let’s look ahead and fight ON!