Emma Cowan, Arts and Entertainment Editor

A few moments ago, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I saw all of these posts saying “I voted” and still going on about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It made me happy that there is so much positive support for voting, which is a very important thing in our country, but you have to admit, this whole thing has been going on for an incredibly long time.

But then I came across an article posted by NPR that really caught my attention, and in fact made me feel so much better. The caption read “Go vote, and then let Carl Sagan put it all in perspective” and they were talking about a video by Carl Sagan called “Pale Blue Dot”. The pale blue dot being referred to is none other than our planet Earth. And to the rest of the universe, that’s all it is.

Sure, maybe this election is shocking, even horrifying some of the time. But how long will it matter to the extent it does today? Even if the person you vote for does not get elected, there is still the possibility for change. There is still the future. And in four to eight years, when someone new is elected, won’t our president be one of many presidents throughout history? Although we are a powerful one, aren’t we just one country? One country with millions of people, each having their own priorities and their own lives. And won’t your own life carry on?

Maybe we should just put it in a wider perspective, that’s all.