Ward Melville’s Caroline Meyer: Broadway Bound

Sydney Tasman, Staff writer

Caroline Meyers, a junior here at WMHS, recently tried out for the upcoming Broadway show “Frozen” (which was bound to happen sooner or later). The experience of trying out for a Broadway show is extremely nerve-wracking and very impressive. When I sat down with Caroline the other day, she was nothing but humble and all smiles.  Singing since the age of three and auditioning for local shows since the fifth grade, she has the valuable experience one needs when taking show business to the next level. Here is what Caroline told Kaleidoscope about her Broadway audition:

Kscope: When did you audition for the play and was this your first Broadway audition?

Meyers: I auditioned August 19th and yes, this was my first Broadway audition.


Kscope: How do you prepare for an audition like this one?

Meyers: I usually go over my song with my voice teacher and then practice a lot at home. I also drink a lot of water prior to the audition.


Kscope: What is the most important thing to remember about auditioning for a show?

Meyers: You definitely can’t crack under the pressure because it can get really scary, and you have to try to calm your nerves down the best you can.


Kscope: Do you usually get nervous before an audition?

Meyers: Yes. I get very nervous


Kscope: So how do you calm yourself down?

Meyers: I usually bring my Mom with me and she helps me to relax, or I’ll bring a friend or cousin.


Kscope: Do you want to continue to do this as you get older?

Meyers: Definitely, it’s something I really love to do.


Kscope: What is the audition process for a show like this?

Meyers: When I went there was a six hour line with a bunch of kids and adults who wanted to try out for the show.  You eventually get called in, but it was really scary because there was only a 25% chance of getting called in.


Kscope: Did you get called in?

Meyers: Yes,  luckily I did.


Kscope: What did  you do when you got called in?

Meyers: Basically you go in and have to sing thirty seconds of the song you rehearsed, I sang “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, and then they just tell you to go.


Kscope: What inspired you to audition for Broadway?
Meyers: The practice for when I get older and more serious about it, it can’t hurt to start now.


Caroline is also involved in this year’s school production of “Sweeney Todd” and is in three community theatre groups (in Smithtown, Islip, and Northport).  Best of luck to her this year and in the future!