The First Presidential Debate: A Huge Disappointment


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Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

Disappointment. That was what I felt as the first Presidential Debate ended. Like many Americans, I wanted to know how the two candidates were going to run this country. In the end, it was just another elementary school sandbox fight. Donald Trump was defending his past, while Hillary Clinton just kept raining attack bombs. It seemed as though they were at a demolition derby. Both were eager to destroy each other, but were unable to answer questions on policy.

As usual, Donald Trump spoke of things in a broad, simple sense. He emphasized the points he made throughout his campaign: immigration, unfair trade deals, ISIS, and the economy. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, talked about specific plans. However, instead of mentioning specific numbers, she told viewers to go to her website. The lack of numbers, from both candidates, was a major talking point in the debate. Donald Trump refused to release his tax returns and Hillary Clinton refused to release her 33,000 emails.

Many pundits say that Hillary Clinton won the debate. However, I believe that nobody won. Many Americans are frustrated, tired, and hurting. They anticipated a well-versed discussion, but all they got was an elementary school food-fight.