Not Down For Clowns


Danielle Eletto, Staff Writer

In case you thought 2016 couldn’t get any weirder, killer clowns have come to Long Island and have allegedly threatened to attack schools. Rumors stated that Brentwood High School went on lockdown and that the clowns would come for Ward Melville on Thursday, October 6. Clowns were originally spotted on Commack Road in Brentwood, according to reports on Twitter.

Students didn’t seem too worried. The hallways this past week were filled with “Haha, where are these clowns at? I really don’t want to take my Chem test!” and stories of students swearing they saw a clown on the street. In all fairness, making jokes is easier than worrying about a person dressed up as a clown entering your school wielding a knife. After Thursday, the clown threat seemed non-existent. Junior Sierra Ford commented on the matter on Friday, “At first I was scared, but now I don’t really care because nothing’s really happening.” She isn’t wrong; clown updates have slowed as the week progressed.

Most of the clown rumors were just that — rumors and nothing else. But, if you’re going to cause a short state of panic, you might as well do it over social media and lie about everything. I’m glad that the clowns didn’t pay a visit to Ward Melville; I would not be thrilled about huddling in a corner with at least ten other kids while some creep roams the halls. Walking to the bus in the dark at 6 AM was unsettling while the fiasco was going on; the last thing I want is for some clown to scare me. I wasn’t in the mood for these fools, but they did help secure 2016 as one of the strangest years. I can’t say I don’t respect that. Junior Mahnoor Haleem also is not a fan, threatening to “kick some major booty” if a clown came for her. Power to you, Mahnoor.

Quit clowning around, guys.