Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

This year’s election has brought many interesting developments. One party has nominated a flat-out liar for president, while the other has selected a xenophobic, orange-skinned lunatic. In the midst of all of the negative ads and all of the media coverage, one thing is for sure: Americans want a third choice.

According to the latest USA Today poll, about 76% of Americans want a third party candidate to debate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The leading third party candidate on the RealClearPolitics poll is Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson. A former Republican governor in the “blue” state of New Mexico, he has balanced the budget of the state and also secured a 2.2 billion dollar surplus. He cut wasteful spending and his running mate, Bill Weld (former Republican governor of Massachusetts), advocated for LGBT rights. So, why are these Republicans not running as Republicans? Why are they Libertarians?

As Gary Johnson puts it, Libertarians want the government “out of your wallet” and “out of the bedroom.” Basically, the government should spend your money responsibly without increasing taxes, and it should not care about what you do privately. Johnson is proposing massive spending cuts that would create a budget surplus which will be used to pay off our national debt. He believes that Common Core is a terrible system and that education should be left to the states. He also believes that America must defend itself and not militarily intervene in other countries. At home, he believes that a woman has the right to choose, and that equal marriage is the law of the land. Many of his views are shared by those of ordinary Americans.

How can Johnson win the election? According to many analysts, Trump and Hillary will be very close in the Electoral College. The most probable path for Johnson and Weld would be to prevent either candidate from getting a majority in the Electoral College. Then, the House of Representatives will decide the outcome of the election. Many theorists believe that Gary Johnson will be viewed favorably, whereas Trump and Hillary will be viewed very unfavorably. Thus, Johnson and Weld will win the presidency and America might be saved!

To find out more information about this candidate, please Google “Gary Johnson.”