SCMEA Division III All County Festival

Andrew Kim

During the week of early March, selected students from different districts gathered around for 2016 SCMEA Division III All County Festival. Many students from Ward Melville had the opportunity to participate, including myself. Students had the chance to meet engage with new people, teachers, and the conductors.

The festival was divided into three major groups: Symphony Orchestra, Band, and Chorus. This event only had 9th through 10th graders participating. The rehearsals took place in Connetquot High School, and it took about one hour to drive there.  There were three rehearsals that were five hours long each, which was a dreadful experience. Yet, I managed to enjoy myself by interacting with different people and talking with my friends from school. The students and worked assiduously during these long hours without stopping. By the end of the rehearsal, all three groups sounded fantastic.

As opposed to the rehearsals, the concert was held in Ward Melville High School. As expected, the students performed extraordinarily well. With the help of wonderful Ward Melville volunteers from Tri-Music Honor Society, the concert was professionally conducted. With amazing students, staff, and volunteers, I want to congratulate all participants who were part of 2016 SCMEA Festival!