November-December Debate Team Update


Matthew Okrent, Staff Writer

Ward Melville High School’s new debate team is up and running, with several members already competing in debate tournaments.  The most recent tournament was at Paul D. Schreiber on November 21st. This was the second tournament for the debate team, but the first tournament for most members.  The results of this tournament were extraordinary, with most of our debaters winning at least half of their rounds.  With these promising results, the future of the team appears bright and full of success.

The debate team, currently advised by Ms. Porter and two presidents, Emily Xu and William Jin, is extremely new.  The team is always looking for new members.  Kathleen Esfahany, a debater who has been very successful throughout the debate season so far, says, “Debate, for me, is more than just something to add to my resume – it’s a chance to understand the world.  There are so many complex issues that demand our attention, both nationally and internationally. Debate gives me the opportunity to discuss these issues at a high level… where else do you have the chance to argue such a vast variety of topics?”  All students are encouraged come to the team’s Friday meetings. The team members offer help to anyone who wants to try to prepare for and participate in a debate tournament.  Currently, the debate team hopes for another successful tournament at Syosset High School on December 19th.