Top 10 Stores to Hit Up on Black Friday


Jenna Madison and Brian Rodriguez, Staff Writers

Black Friday takes the cake for the biggest shopping event of the year, and it’s just around the corner. After you’re stuffed to the brim with mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, why not save a lot of money on things you probably don’t need?! Wondering which stores are worth your time? Don’t worry- Kscope’s got you covered.

  1. Target

Maybe I’m a bit biased because I deem Target my home, but with deals like 40% off all apparel, buy one get one half of toys, and their lowest prices ever on all TVs, how could this not be number one?

  1. Best Buy

Looking to save hundreds of dollars on popular electronics? Then Best Buy is your go-to. New flat screen anyone?

  1. Walmart

Not only is this the place to find crazy good deals on everything ranging from electronics to home goods, but it’s also where you can see some crazy Black Friday drama unfold. Careful- Walmart shoppers are fearless.

  1. Victoria’s Secret

This normally wallet-eating store goes all out for Black Friday! Lines are long-but ladies, 7 for $27.50? Worth it.

  1. Kohl’s

When they say Black Friday door busters, they aren’t kidding. Very impressive.

  1. Amazon

For those that would rather not wait outside in the cold, don’t worry Amazon’s got you. Why wait for Cyber Monday?

  1. Macy’s

This is THE place to get your Christmas shopping done. Who could ignore awesome gift ideas for under 20 dollars? Not us!

  1. Sears

Mattresses at up to 60% off, appliances up to 45% off and furniture prices slashed by $1,000 or more! And that’s only to list a few of their seemingly infinite deals.

  1. The Apple Store

Though the company has kept info about its upcoming deals mostly under-wraps, it’s hard to imagine a Black Friday that doesn’t see massive sales on Apple’s behalf.

  1. JCPenney

Don’t think we forgot about JCPenney. Their 72-page-long advertisement boasts INSANE price-cuts. Sign us up!