The Democratic Debate


Noor Kamal, Staff Writer

The presidential democratic debate on Wednesday night was in full swing, receiving a record of 15 million views. Although less than the GOP debate’s 23 million, both debates have beaten those with 2 and 5 million views in the past. Perhaps America has been wanting to watch more of Trump’s tell-it-to-you-straight remarks, or Clinton’s swift and smart words, but this week’s debate had some interesting moments.

“I think being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we’ve had up until this point.” – Hillary Clinton

*Cue the standing ovation.* Clinton only underestimated one thing – her presidency would not just be  ‘quite a change,’ but a huge, marvelous change. Clinton’s presidency would be the paradigm of the age we’re in now, the age where women are equal to men in all ways. She seemed to have won this week’s debate, so there is a good chance that she could be one of the two main contenders. Indeed, her presidency would be breaking the glass ceiling, as she mentioned a few months back.

“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails!” – Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton.

This quote was surprising, as Sanders was defending one of his most dangerous opponents in the presidential race, and Clinton was quite thankful for that. However, he was right. Headline after headline in recent news has been related to Clinton’s email scandal, which happened months ago. Everyone is sick and tired of hearing about her emails; she already admitted her mistakes, so let’s move on.

“Secretary Clinton, do you want to respond?” “No.” – Anderson Cooper and Hillary Clinton

This quote brought a huge round of applause. O’Malley had been discussing Clinton’s email scandal and her lack of credibility. Clinton’s smooth reply to Anderson Cooper’s question truly showcased her classiness. Nice job, Clinton.

“Do black lives or do all lives matter?” “Black lives matter.” – Anderson Cooper and Bernie Sanders

Ah, the issue that has been on everyone’s minds, and for a good reason. The past few months in the U.S. have been filled with unreasonable crimes against African Americans. Sanders’ response has offered a refreshing view against the Republicans, many of whom have said, “All lives matter.” The latter view is skipping over the real issue, the issue that focuses on how African Americans are deprived of various privileges that white people have. Sanders made a strategic move by saying this.