Ward Melville Transforms into a “Journey To Neverland”

Kirti Nath, Staff Writer

On June 25th, Ward Melville left behind its traditional high school appearance to become everyone’s beloved Neverland. After arriving to the school by various types of transportation, such as fire trucks, security vehicles, and trolleys, seniors and their guests saw the illuminated façade of a London clock tower with the shadows of Peter Pan and the Darling siblings flying across the sky.

The school lobby was beautifully transformed into a replica of the Darling children’s nursery from Peter Pan. The nursery featured beautiful wooden furniture, children’s books and toys, such as giant block letters and rocking horses. After walking through the children’s room, students met teachers who checked them in.

Continuing their “Journey to Neverland,” students flew over London as they walked through the hallway that leads to the gymnasium, which was decorated as the London skyline. The buildings were made out of cardboard and were painted black to reflect the night journey, while the windows of each building were illuminated with soft yellow lights. The buildings were set against a starry night sky.

To get into the Commons, students crossed a wooden bridge over an ocean, created with blue tissue paper and saran wrap. The Commons was tastefully decorated as a pirate ship, with the familiar concrete steps covered and adorned with black, red, and white pillows. In front of the school store, the prom committee created a steering wheel and a ladder at the stern of the ship. The Commons also featured tables decorated with netted tablecloths in accordance with the pirate themed décor for students to enjoy appetizers.

The cafeteria was transformed into Tiger Lily’s café. It featured a large Native American style canoe, totem poles, and a white teepee. Around these key decorations, there were tables and chairs for students to watch their peers arrive to prom on a TV.

But what was probably the most dramatic transformation were the two gym-side bathrooms. The girls’ bathroom became a mermaid lagoon, while the boys’ room, became a the hideout of the Lost Boys. Both bathrooms were carpeted and featured painted wooden panels to cover the typical stall doors. The girls’ bathroom also had a table stocked with, bobby pins, hairspray, and safety pins.

The main event was held in the gymnasium, which was decorated different elements of Neverland. There were large cutouts of butterflies and flowers, trees, and sparkling lights. At each table, there was a simple, but elegant yellow flower centerpiece.

Overall this year’s prom decorations were truly unforgettable. Both the exterior and the interior were intricately decorated and extremely well planned. The prom committee delivered in providing seniors a magical night in Neverland. Students were able to let the mixed emotions associated with leaving high school fade, as they spent a few final hours together inside Ward Melville’s version of Neverland- a place where you can never grow up.