The Repercussions of ChatGPT

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Sophia Khan, Op-ed Editor

As classes continue to assign time-consuming homework, essays, and assignments, ChatGPT has become a welcomed reprieve for the student body. It has become an escape, a safe haven allowing students to complete assignments without the burden. With the tremendous amount of workload, it is only fair to feel overwhelmed, as students are constantly reminded of the importance of their current efforts for future success. However, relying on ChatGPT may only incentivize laziness and cause individuals to depend on it more than ever.

In the real world, one must be able to respond to questions independently, without the help of ChatGPT. By creating their own unique answers to various questions, individuals can enhance their creativity and think differently, benefiting their efficiency in solving other problems that arise. When using ChatGPT, an individual does not experience the trial and error that comes with writing on their own.

Although ChatGPT may be extremely useful when needing to complete an assignment that is due in the next half hour, consistently relying on the application can harm an author’s writing skills. It is through consistent work and repetition that one becomes proficient in an activity. If you play a sport, you may be familiar with repeating drills and motions until they become instinctual. Writing can be the same. Without practice, improvement is unlikely. Constantly using ChatGPT takes away the opportunity to practice writing with one’s own ideas, without relying on an external source.

ChatGPT has become an epidemic in high schools. It is important to consider the long-term costs associated with the application versus the short-term relief it provides. While using ChatGPT may allow you to submit one assignment on time, it may hinder your growth as a writer. It can lead to a decrease in abilities such as critical thinking and writing, which are skills students need even after graduating from college and entering the real world.