The Celebration Tour: 40 Years of Madonna

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Justine Bushman, Staff Writer

2023 is shaping up to be a year for music lovers all over the world. From the earth-stopping Ticketmaster announcement of Taylor Swift’s Midnights tour, to the shocking news of Madonna’s 12th world tour, music lovers across all generations may find themselves in a concert hall this year.

Madonna announced her Celebration Tour on January 17th with a black-and-white YouTube video featuring celebrities such as Jack Black, Amy Schumer, and Lil Wayne. The video shows the group playing truth or dare, and ends with Madonna accepting the dare to go on a tour that encapsulates all her hits from the last 40 years. 

The tickets went on sale on January 20th, and within a matter of hours, over 600,000 tickets were bought throughout North America and Europe alone, according to Billboard. After the tour was 98% sold out, additional shows were added in Los Angeles, Montreal, Boston, and several other locations in order to meet the demand.

Billboard found that out of the 51 shows that were announced, 35 of those shows were sold out by 5pm EST that same day. New York has already had four shows added after the first three were sold out within 15 minutes. Similarly in London, two shows were added after the arena sold out in 20 minutes.

CNBC reports that the average age Americans hope to retire is 62, but Madonna seems to be shattering these expectations as she announces her tour at the age of 64. She has no limits; her music has revolutionized the industry and she has become a timeless staple throughout generations. Very few musicians can maintain their career and popularity like Madonna has. But if anyone could do it, it would be the “material girl” herself.