Valentine’s Day 2014 at Ward Melville

Ramya Rao, Features Editor

Hallways filled with people wearing red on February 14 combined with couples’ increased PDA in the hallways, proved that the inclement weather couldn’t stop Ward Melville’s Valentine’s Day spirit. Despite the heavy snow and two hour delay, students still had an enjoyable time.

SHARP Club held its annual carnation sale throughout the week for students to purchase flowers for each other. Due to the warnings of snow on Thursday, the club had to shift its carnation deliveries a day earlier, to Wednesday. Although there was some confusion because of the ACE/BDF switch, delivery went smoothly and the club made a $156 profit. The remaining flowers were sold on Valentine’s Day.

“It was sweet to see that many people from each grade wanted to give some to their friends or significant others whether to be meaningful or just for fun. Some people would ask ‘Is it awkward if I give one to so and so?’ but in the end they would buy one for that person anyways, because it’s such a sweet gesture,” commented SHARP member Sabrina Sam.

Although SHARP was able to make possible the carnation deliveries, Camerata’s annual singing telegrams had to be moved to after the break because of the severe weather. “We were originally going to send all the singing telegrams on Feb. 13, but we couldn’t do that because of the snow day, and Patriot Pride Day was on the 14th, so now we’ll be delivering them on Feb. 25, the Tuesday we get back from break. They might be kind of belated, but I hope people will appreciate the sentiments all the same,” senior Camerata member Jennifer Zhong explained.

Despite these minor adjustments, Valentine’s Day at Ward Melville was a stress-free and enjoyable day. “It was especially fun because Valentine’s Day was on Patriot Pride Day. Everyone was so relaxed without any tests, and it was just a great time to hang out with friends,” said junior Erin O’Connell.