Are Highschoolers too Old to Trick or Treat?

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Rachel Galinkin, Staff Writer

Although Halloween  has just passed, it has left many teenagers ruminating about their future plans concerning trick-or-treating. While people around the world dedicate time to selecting costumes, decorating, and preparing for the Halloween season, not everyone will choose to participate in trick-or-treating. Technically, there are no laws stating a maximum age to be able to participate in trick or treating. While this is true that there is some controversy over the age at which children are considered to be too mature for this seasonal tradition, it should be permissible for high school students to go trick-or-treating. 

It is common for teenagers to have difficulty making plans for Halloween. Two options are to either go to parties or to hang out at home with a small group of friends. I’d argue that these selections are the most common. However, some teens prefer not to engage in these types of social gatherings. Which brings us to choice number three: remaining at home. Few enjoy staying home by themselves on enjoyable holidays, scrolling through Snapchat stories, seeing everyone out and about enjoying themselves, while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Then there is option number four: trick or treating. What harm does it do to allow high school students to trick -or- treat on Halloween, giving out just one extra piece of candy? 

 High schoolers are at a awkward phase where they are no longer young kids, yet they are still not adults. Growing up trick-or- treating is an aspect of Halloween, and teenagers should be able to relive special childhood memories of trick-or-treating on Halloween. Trick-or-treating is an enjoyable opportunity to engage with your peers while also getting to know your neighbors. Halloween is the one day in the year you can have fun and dress up in crazy costumes, hanging out with friends. Teenagers should be hold on to this excitement for as long as they can.