WM Girls Volleyball Captains Interview


Grace Harrigan, Staff Writer

Over the last two weeks, I was given the opportunity to interview the 5th ranked team in New York state. Our very own Ward Melville girls’ volleyball team has had an outstanding season so far and it’s not over yet. This team is run by an impressive set of captains. Mackenzie Heaney (Setter), Sophia DiGirolamo (outside hitter), Bailee Williams (middle hitter) and Gianna Hogan (libero). These powerful captains have not held back at all this season and I asked these girls a little about their season and what they are hoping for.

I started off by asking “Describe your season in 3 words”

The girls each responded with their own answers, “Powerful, determining, amazing, lit, crazy, movie, exciting, fulfilling, fresh, electric and intense.”

Following this I asked, “Which athletic achievement of the team are you most proud of?”  Hogan and Heaney responded with, “Not only are we fifth in the state but we are 2nd in Section XI.” This is quite an achievement by this team. It was satisfying, Williams said, “Defeating the team that we lost to in the playoffs last year twice.” This shows how extremely determined this team is and how they won’t give up and put their all into their game. 

When asked,  “What is the best part of playing volleyball?” All the girls responded with how each teammate plays an important role on the team to contribute to their goal, and how they are all one big family with the same drive, energy and passion.

“Is there anything you want the school to know about volleyball?” I asked.

Heaney responded with “I want the school to know that volleyball is an intense sport,  not only physical, but also mental.” The girls are very confident that they will win counties and with the stats they’ve gained this season they are on track to do just that.

Next I asked, “What is your goal for this season?” Digirolamo said, “My goal this season is for us to win states.” All the girls have their mind set on not only competing in states, but winning. 

Lastly, I asked “How will this season be different from the last?” The girls collectively agreed that this season will be different because they’ve learned how to showcase their strengths better and play to the best of their ability. They also stated that nothing will get in their way from winning counties and they will use their knowledge from previous seasons to play their best. Playoffs are just around the corner for these girls and we wish this team the best of luck as they start to come to a close with the 2022 season.