An Interview with the Golf Captain

Braeden Slutsky, Sports Editor

The following is an interview with Gavin Girard, the captain of Ward Melville’s golf team. One of the many sports played at Ward Melville, golf is having a great fall season this year.


Question: Describe the season in 3 words.

Gavin Girard: “Winning, competitive, and united.”

Q: What athletic achievement of the team are you most proud of?

GG: “We are currently undefeated and on track to be highly competitive in the counties.”

Q: What is the best part of golf?

GG: “The best part of golf is the one-on-one competition during the match that then turns into a team score so you get the best of team and individual competition.”

Q: What is your goal for this season?

GG: “My goal for the season is for the team to go undefeated, win the counties and make it to the LIC.”

Q: How will this season be different from last season?

GG: “This season is much different because we have a much younger and growing team.”