What’s Going On With the MLB Lockout?

Colin Hoelzl, Staff Writer

Commissioner Rob Manfred addressed the media Thursday afternoon regarding the current status of baseball’s longest work stoppage in over 27 years. Manfred said, The status of spring training is no change right now.” Spring Training begins next week meaning it is highly unlikely MLB and the MLBPA will reach a deal by the time the players report for workouts. Despite the lack of negotiating between both sides since all 30 Owners locked out the players on December 2nd, some progress was made. 

Manfred announced that the MLB and MLBPA agreed on a universal designated hitter, and a draft lottery system. However, both sides have been very far apart on core economic issues. The MLB and MLBPA will hold a collective bargaining session on Saturday in which MLB will make a counteroffer to the MLBPA. Regarding the on-time start to the regular season, Manfred stated “I am an optimist and I believe we will have an agreement in time to play our regular schedule.” He also said, “I see missing games as a disastrous outcome for this industry.” 

MLBPA rejected MLB’s request last week for a federal mediator. The Players Association recently said, “The clearest path to a fair and timely agreement is to get back to the table. Players stand ready to negotiate.With the regular season starting on March 31st, if MLB and MLBPA do not reach a collective bargaining agreement by the end of this month, it is very likely that the start of the season will be in jeopardy.