What About Ward Melville Hockey?

Colin Hoelzl, Staff Writer

We all know the more popular winter sports such as basketball, fencing, and wrestling, but what about hockey? Most students don’t even know that the hockey team exists. If you simply mentioned the word “hockey” to a Ward Melville student, they would most likely think of field hockey. Despite the lack of popularity and recognition the team receives, the hockey team is worth following. 

Unlike most sports at Ward Melville, the hockey team does not play any home games at the school. All of the team’s games are held at the Rinx complex in Hauppauge, a twenty-minute drive from the school. However, most students aren’t willing to make the trip to the Rinx to watch the games, so the crowd is always made up of parents and no students. Even with the lack of fans in the stands, the junior varsity and varsity teams deserve a following. The junior varsity team is currently 11-1, supported by some key players. Aidan Ayers has been on fire with 18 goals, 6 assists, and 3 hat tricks. Ayers is one of the many highlights on the junior varsity team, which also includes Carson Pepe, who has 17 goals, 8 assists, and 1 hat trick in eleven games. 

The varsity team started off undefeated, but now they sit in 9th place. Goalie Dylan Callahan has put up some impressive numbers, which includes a shutout in eleven games. Other notable players include James Clifford who has put up decent numbers as well. In fourteen games, he has scored 11 goals, and 10 assists. 

The varsity team plays their final game on January 31st at the Rinx versus the St. Anthony’s Friars. The junior varsity team still has eight games to be played. They are currently in 2nd place with a record of 11-1, and are in contention for the league championship. The final game of the season for the junior varsity team is April 4th at the Rinx.