An Honest First Quarter Reflection

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Sophia Khan, Staff Writer

For some students, the transition from junior high to high school is the most stressful part of their education. I’d have to agree with this statement, as the workloads differ greatly. 

These high school years are frequently referred to as the years where “everything counts,” as students are encouraged to work their very hardest. High school can also be referred to as the years that decide your future and which colleges you can attend. The pressure differs from the junior high school I attended last school year.   

As a sophomore, my first quarter has been filled with many new experiences. In comparison to the junior high I attended, Ward Melville provides students with considerably more flexibility, whether it is in terms of where they choose to stay during off periods or even possibilities for their schedules. The high school appears more diverse compared to the junior highs and allows for additional freedom I have never had in school. 

When it comes to the classes I’m taking, chemistry is the most difficult for me. 

Prior to this year, I had never felt the need to devote so much time and effort to a single class. I started to doubt myself at first, but I realized that I wouldn’t be good at everything I tried. In comparison to freshman year, sophomore year necessitates much more effort to achieve good grades which comes with more stress. 

After a week of tests, I have found myself saying, “next week will be better.” Nonetheless, the following week is identical to the one before and even the one after. 

I would suggest taking school week by week and not worrying very much about 10 years into the future. I am not saying you shouldn’t consider your future at all. You should consider your future to a certain degree. However, it should not consume all of your thoughts and emotions.

Furthermore, I noted that while participating in school sports this quarter, I was definitely less productive and efficient with my school work. Sports require much more dedication and time than in junior high school. Despite this, I feel sports have allowed me to take a break from school and relieve stress. 

Overall, I hope the rest of my high school years and the years after are as memorable as this quarter has been. I hope that the pressure I’m under doesn’t consume me and that I am able to enjoy these years while they last.