Mass Casualty Drill

Adity Sampath, Associate News Editor

What if something happened at the school? If there was an explosion in the basement? What would we do?

On Sunday, November 3rd, Ward Melville High School, together with the Setauket Fire Department, tested our preparedness if such an event occurred. With over 150 volunteers, the school simulated its emergency plan if an explosion occurred in the basement of Ward Melville High School. Volunteers were given badges that stated their emergency “condition”: whether they had a broken leg, head trauma, partial blindness, or severe difficulty breathing.

Using the Incident Command System, a strategy that was implemented in the United States after 9/11, Three Village administrators and Firemen patrolled the building, escorting kids outside to the paramedics. After accounting for every student, the drill finished successfully.

Mr. Owen, one of the assistant principals at Ward Melville and the chairperson of the Emergency Management Team of TVCSD, commented on the event. “I’m so thrilled we got the opportunity to do this. We were able to have the ultimate training scenario. I feel as though our school is a much better and safer place already.”

Over the summer, Mr. Owen started planning this event with a committee made up of a combination of TCVSD staff and fire department staff, hoping to improve emergency preparedness. He began the joint venture between TVCSD and the Setauket Fire Department. “I can get in touch with the fire chief on my radio,” says Mr. Owen.

Through organization and mutual cooperation, as well as an amazing team, the drill was a success in making Ward Melville a safer, more secure environment for students and faculty.