The January 6th House Investigation

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Braeden Slutsky, Staff Writer

On January 6, thousands rioted at the US Capitol to protest the election of President Biden. The protesters entered the Capitol building in an attempt to overturn Congress’ counting of electoral votes, which led to the death of seven people. Since then, the House of Representatives has been investigating the event in order to determine how it originated and who should be found liable for it.

Republicans and Democrats have been arguing back and forth over this committee. Senate Republicans tried to block the creation of an investigation committee in May, arguing that the investigation would be heavily partisan. It was ultimately created, however, and is made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans. 

Currently, the committee is conducting trials with those involved or implicated in the insurrection, but is continuing to face issues in its work due to purposeful delayment by witnesses and House Republicans. For example, Steve Bannon has been held in contempt of court for refusing to answer questions, which has delayed his trial.

Other former members of the Trump administration have caused issues for the committee. In the past month, the committee has issued several subpoenas, many of which have been ignored. The committee also faces a lawsuit from Trump over its request for records of the final days of his presidency.

Simultaneously, the FBI has been searching for those directly involved in the riots. Thus far, the FBI has caught 684 offenders, who are likely to be sentenced to prison or significant fines.