Companies Unite Against Voting Restrictions in Georgia

Sarah Khan, Staff Writer

Hundreds of companies have recently teamed up to fight against a restrictive voting law which has been passed in Georgia. The law, which was signed into action by Governor Kemp in March, is being challenged for disproportionately targeting minorities of color.

The law is part of the overall revamping of the state’s voting system. Among others, it restricts voting by drop boxes, prevents the distribution of food and drinks at polling locations, and allows for more legislative control over the running of elections.

The bill was primarily Republican-backed and responded to many concerns that were raised during the recent 2020 elections. Former President Donald Trump and the GOP’s unproven claims of election fraud contributed to the creation of this bill. Its supporters claim it will allow for the public to regain confidence in Georgia’s election system.

Numerous companies have expressed their dismay at the terms of the law passed and the strict rules placed on voting. Coca-Cola executive Alfredo Rivers released a statement stating that Coca-Cola opposed “measures that would seek to diminish or restrict voter access” and that the company instead supports “broad access [to voting], voter convenience, election integrity, and political neutrality.”

Coca-Cola is not alone in its protests with Georgia-based Delta Airlines releasing a memo to its employees stating that the bill did not match the values of the company. Additional companies that oppose the new legislation include Porsche, UPS, Bank of America, Microsoft, and Facebook.

In response to the criticism, Governor Kemp defended the new law, arguing that most people were not looking at the big picture of what the legislation would do. He mentioned how the bill would expand some ballot access and increase early voting hours in 130 counties throughout Georgia.