Welcoming the New Leaders of Our Math and History Departments

Kavya Tangella, Staff Writer

By Kavya Tangella, Staff Writer

The chairpersons at Ward Melville have always been supporting to both the students and the staff. This year, we are proud to welcome Mr. Pelosi as the new Social Studies lead teacher and Mr. Ambrose as the new Math chairperson

To the utter delight of former Gelinas students, Mr. Pelosi has moved up this year with the sophomores into the Ward Melville family. Mr. Pelosi has taught history at Gelinas for 18 years and is now the new lead teacher for History.

When asked about the thing he misses the most about Gelinas he said, “The friendships I’ve made over the years. I’ve had a lot of good friends there. I still keep in touch with them, but it’s not the same as seeing them day after day. Also, 7th graders are different than 11th and 12th graders, there are different challenges there than here.” He says that although he enjoyed Gelinas, he loves being at Ward Melville because it’s a new step in his career with new challenges to look forward to. Mr. Pelosi’s goal as chairperson is to, “make sure that day in and day out, I represent and support my staff the best that I can. I’m there for them and a voice box for them. I really hope to be that person that gives them support and opportunity to be successful. On the teaching front, I’ve never had to teach a regents course. My challenge teaching wise is to have everyone get a very high score on the regents.”

Mr. Ambrose, having taught math at Ward Melville for many years, has taken the place of Mr. Bernhard, who is now the principal of Gelinas.

Although Mr. Ambrose prefers being a classroom teacher full-time because of the numerous student interactions that he has, he is looking forward to the new challenges that his new role presents. He says that he likes, “having more interaction and being able to work with all the teachers in my department and trying to help them do the best that they can do.” When asked about his goals this year, he said, “I just hope that all the teachers in my department are able to run their classes successfully, and ultimately, that means that all the students enrolled in math are also successful.”

We are very fortunate to have two such able and friendly teachers this year as our chairperson and lead teacher. The Ward Melville family looks forward to many more years under their leadership!