Politicization of Spirit Week’s “USA Day”


Photo courtesy of Raul Najera on Unsplash.com

Greenley Modica, Staff Writer

Every year, spirit week comes around and brings elation to the students of Ward Melville, with the anticipation of the pep rally at the end of the week. However, spirit week this year looked different then usual. Participation was down, as was the enthusiasm and school spirit that usually rises during this time of the year. More specifically, “USA Day” had very few participants. 

As we got closer to election day, tensions were rising, specifically between those who support President Trump and those who do not. For USA Day, many students chose to wear all black, while others expressed their patriotism in support of President Trump. However, many who don’t have a political view decided not to participate because they were nervous that if they dressed in red white and blue they would be “choosing a side”, and did not want to be involved with the controversy. 

A normal USA Day would consist of bandanas, flags, and lots of red, white, and blue. What once was a student favorite day of spirit week has turned into a day of political controversy.