The Three Village Patriot Marching Band is Back!


The Patriots Marching Band prepares for their 2019-2020 season during their annual Band Camp

Neil Mehta, Features Editor

This week, the members of the band prepared for their presentation in an intensive three-day camp. The Three Village Patriots Marching Band will be performing songs including Bicycle Race, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and Don’t Stop Me Now for their 2019-2020 season show based on the music of Queen. 

The band is directed by Mr. Daniel Hayes, who has led the group through the 2017 80’s Halftime Show and the 2018 Billy Joel show. Hayes, who also runs the Ward Melville Pep Band and Wind Ensemble, is joined by assistant director Mr. Brendan Meier, the Murphy J.H.S. band instructor and Tri-M honor society advisor. 

Senior and Drum Major Erica Lin will be opening the show this year with her feature “Queen Opener.” A trumpet player and three-year Marching Band veteran, Lin will conduct the band through her final year in the group. “Marching Band is a very unique experience that I think you won’t find at many other places,” she says, “Personally, there’s a charm to the discipline and dedication required. I’d liken it to runner’s high.”

This season, the band will be performing at the Columbus Day Parade in New York City and at West Point Military Academy. In addition, the band will attend the Newsday Marching Band Festival this October. 

“The people in the band are some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. I anticipate this season to be one of our busiest ones, especially for sports kids like me, considering the number of events we’ll be attending,” says Lin. “The songs and formations this year are a step up from past years as well. However, I think it’s also going to be one of our most fun seasons and I am confident in the show.”