Does Christmas Come Too Early?


Snowman Christmas candle with a Christmas tree pictured behind it.

Nicholas Abbatiello, Staff Writer

Does the Christmas season start too early? In short, yes. There are numerous holidays that occur before Christmas, but it starts getting advertised in the days after Halloween occurs.

Holidays such as Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah all come before Christmas but are shrouded by the excitement of Christmas. Generally, holidays receive a month to be focused on, such as Halloween in October. But for some reason, Christmas gets a full two months to be in the spotlight.

Perhaps this is because people love to receive presents, or Christmas brings back fond memories of when they were kids. Maybe even because it somewhat marks the start of the winter season.

People love Christmas, and so do companies. It brings them a lot of revenue. Already, “Christmas” ads and prices are coming out. But these are not Christmas deals, they are marketing tactics to show the public their products before their competition can.

Besides the deals, new products are coming out that are labeled new “holiday” products. For example, the new Starbucks holiday cup. It was released on November 2nd and while it supports a good cause, it’s too soon to be considered holiday merchandise. At the Smith Haven Mall, the “Picture with Santa” showcase is already in session, with its theme, as always, a winter wonderland. But it hasn’t even been close to snowing yet, and Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. It’s still fall, and Thanksgiving is considered a fall holiday, but yet Christmas suddenly also falls into place with fall.

On an even wider scale, the Sirius XM channel, Holly, is back, playing Christmas music two months before Christmas, further putting people in the Christmas mindset.

It seems that Christmas is growing in size, increasing companies, advertising, and enveloping other holidays.