League of Legends World Championship Conclude


The League of Legends World Stage (src: lolesports.com)

Neil Mehta, Staff Writer

Last weekend, over two million dollars in prize money were awarded to some of the most talented League of Legends players in the world. This year, the League of Legends World Champion came to a stunning conclusion at Incheon, Korea. Here, Invictus Gaming (IG) went head-to-head against Fnatic (FNC) to earn the title of World Champion,

The finals ceremony kicked off with guest performances from artists Mako, The Glitch Mob, The World Alive, IKON’s Bobby, and a special stage featuring a Riot Games-produced single performed by Madison Beer, Miyeon and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE, and Jaira Burns.

The much-awaited 2018 season finalists greatly contrasts the Korean team-dominated finals from the past 3 years. This year marked the first year since the tournament’s start in 2011 that neither Worlds finalist teams came from Korea, with Invictus Gaming coming from China and Fnatic from Europe.

After hours of rigorous gameplay and impressive performance from both teams, Invictus defeated Fnatic in the Best of Five finals 3-0, making them the first Chinese team to win the world championship in the tournament’s history.

The five winning players of IG will be honored with the production of an in-game skin for each member, which will be available for purchase by League of Legends players.

The e-sports industry has experienced massive growth in recent years, and the widespread success of video games such as League of Legends have been carving a path for gamers and video companies alike. In fact, Riot Games has already announced the host regions for the next three years of world championships, further supporting the notion that e-sports are here to stay.

Competitive League of Legends will continue this December in the All-Star Event. You can support your favorite players at lolesports.com from December 6-8, where 64 players from around the world compete for prizes and to raise money for charity.