Trump’s United Nations Experience

Sufyan Siddiqui, Staff Writer


You would think that the most serious and non-comical kinds of people would be the majority of whom make up the world conferences at the United Nations. However, just recently, on September 25th, we learned what the United Nations is really about.

On that day, Donald Trump was delivering a speech, talking about the accomplishments that were brought upon due to his leadership. He had some record-breaking statistics that he wanted to share with the delegates from all across the world. I cannot do justice to the statistics unless I use Trump’s exact words.

“In less than 2 years, my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. America – it is so true.”

Now, don’t ask me what that last bit he said meant because I have absolutely no clue, but I do know that this statistic MUST be accurate because he is one of the most intelligent people in the world. Let’s be honest, no one can ever match up to the kind of intelligence level of Donald J. Trump. (not even Neil Degrasse Tyson)

However, this quote was not as significant as the reaction by the delegates of the world. They all laughed at him which I think is a sin in itself. I mean this is the guy who has the nuclear missiles at the tap of a button and could just cut off ties with any country. I used to think that the delegates were smart, but after this, I notice that they aren’t so much intelligent as they should be.

Donald Trump, being the guy that he is, tries to back himself and his country up by saying that these statistics that he brought up are true, hence the ‘America – it is so true’ bit. Can you really blame him though? I think not.

On a more serious level, and contrary to what I said throughout the entire article, I kind of do feel bad, because everyone makes mistakes (with their math). I mean 5 out of 4 people have problems with fractions specifically. Maybe he accidentally carried the 2 instead of the 400 in order to figure out if his administration truly did break the record for the most accomplished in 2 years.

End of the story, don’t laugh at people, especially Donald Trump, because everyone has trouble with numbers, and 2nd, don’t be the delegate at the United Nations that laughs at a guy who can send nuclear missiles anywhere in the world, very quickly.