Ward Melville’s 2014 Junior Prom

Ramya Rao, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Dressed stylishly in high-end dresses and tuxedos, Ward Melville juniors enjoyed a high-energy night at the annual Junior Prom on March 1st at Lombardi’s on the Sound. Tickets were $75, covering the cost of the event’s food, DJ, and fantastic decorations. From 7-11 PM, juniors and their dates ate, danced and talked, free from the stresses of SATs, tests and homework.

The night kicked off with dinner. Various types of appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, pasta, and chicken were served to the guests. Soon, the DJ turned on the music with a slow song for all the couples. Although awkward at first, gradually students approached the dance floor.

“It was a great experience,” explained junior Erin O’Connell who attended the dance. “We all had so much fun and I am so happy that I went. The dance, the dinner, and just everything were great memories to keep of my junior year.”

However, not all students thought that the dance was worth the steep $75 price.

“I didn’t really think that the tickets were worth it,” said Nimra Ghani, who decided not to attend. “Instead I spent the same money having fun in the city. I think that prom will be a great experience as a senior though.”

“Junior prom can be summed up as sweaty, over-auto-tuned pop music, and strict rules but really good food,” commented junior Linna Ha. However, she added, “The money wasn’t worth it but the memories were.”

Overall, most students who went to the dance agreed that despite the price and rules, it was still an enjoyable night to remember.