Walk For Beauty and Color Splash

By Nicole D’Onofrio, Staff Writer
On October 26th, 2014, over a hundred Ward Melville Key Clubbers and FBLA members participated in the Stony Brook Village 10K Hercules Run, Walk for Beauty, and Color Splash. The event was hosted in honor of breast cancer awareness month (October). The money from registration, the photo booth, and merchandise all went towards the cause. Although it was a chilly morning, the turnout was huge. There were teams from the Three Village elementary schools, junior high schools, sports teams, WM clubs, and local organizations that wanted to participate. Key Club members played a huge role in this event, with many members volunteering. They ran registration tables, completed the run/walk, directed participants, threw color during the color run, blew up balloons for an amazing arch, and sold refreshments. A lot of planning and careful thought went into the Color Splash, but the cooperation of members made everything possible. Members arrived as early as 6:45 AM to set up tables in the Stony Brook Village center and to begin decorating the trail with pink balloons and signs, even though the wind was harsh.
WM Key Club was broken down into different committees so that everyone had a job: color throwing, registration, etc. The three different races, all starting at the same time, were directed through different paths and start/end locations, so a lot was going on at once; volunteers were alert at all times so they could help wherever necessary, and did a great job. Additionally, high school Key Clubbers were excited to get to work with junior high members on this event. The coordination between Ward Melville High School and the junior high schools has led to great success so far and huge turnouts at events.