2018 WM Spring Sports Overview

It’s been almost 6 weeks since the start of the 2018 spring sports season! Whether it be due to strong returning players or past successes, potential can be seen in many of the teams this year. In this overview, we interviewed each team captain to learn about both the individual and team goals of each sport.


Boys Track and Field

  • The boys are coming off a relatively successful winter season, with seniors Eric Zulkofske and Danny Ryan qualifying for the indoor state meet. However, the team will need to pool together their collective strengths to succeed in dual meets and relay events.
  • Notable Returning Runners: Danny Ryan, Eric Zulkofske, Caleb Wheeler, Chris Neinburg, Reilly Browne, Gamaeel Vilceus, Owen Larson, Ryan Mecca
  • Captain Quote:

“Well as a goal for our team I would like to win the league and win all of our dual meets. Individually, I am going after the school mile record which is gonna be really hard and gonna take a lot of work.” – Captain Eric Zulkofske


Girls Track and Field

  • In the past, the girls have dealt with plenty of successes and failures in cross country and on the track at multiple levels of competition, ranging from counties to nationals. They plan to use this extensive experience to their advantage in both individual and team events to perform at the highest level this season.
  • Notable Returning Runners: Allyson Gaedje, Samantha Sturgess, Elizabeth Radke, Sam Rutt, Kiera Hughes
  • Captain Quote:

“Individually I’d like to get the school record in the 400 hurdles. As a team, we’re gonna try to be All-State and All-American again with our relays.” – Captain Samantha Sturgess


Boys Tennis

  • This year’s boys tennis team is experiencing the return of strong senior players and also the introduction of young talents. 9th grader Matt Kronenberg and 8th grader Aron Bursztyn already show promise and are making key contributions to the team.
  • Notable Returning Players: Alex Benanti, Tyler Ancona, Deven Wackett, Aron Bursztyn, William Jin, Matt Kronenberg, Chris DeLucia, David Sun
  • Captain Quote:

“The last three years we’ve made it to the county semi-finals, so I’d say our main goal is to reach the county finals and see where we can go from there” – Captain Deven Wackett

Girls Golf:

  • After some close matches last year, the girls golf team is back and ready to go. They will be reuniting with old rivals and the team hopes to make their season last as long as possible.
  • Notable Returning Players: Courtney Heaney, Olivia Ross, Avary Petracca
  • Captain Quote:

“I really want the team to just have fun this year. We hope to play the best we can and try to make it to counties.” – Captain Courtney Heaney



  • The softball team has high hopes for this season. After falling short of playoffs last year by just one game, the team is pushing to not only make it to playoffs but also be a serious contender throughout.
  • Notable Returning players: Emily Bellow, Kristina Maggiacomo, Maya Pena-Lobel, Megan O’Brien, Ariel Gootkin
  • Captain Quote:

“I’ve been a captain since my junior year, so my focus is definitely on being the best leader I can be for my teammates. I’m looking to be the best role model that I can be for my team, as well as making sure younger players have an environment where they can develop and learn from upperclassmen.” – Captain Emily Bellow



  • The team has started out the season with similar results as last year and hopes to rapidly improve their standings as the season continues. Led by Captain Chris Buehler, the team also seeks to learn from past mistakes and rely on support from the coaching staff to help them improve.
  • Notable Returning Players: Logan Doran, Max Nielson, Chris Buehler, Matt Diginero, Trevor Cronin, Kyle Rafferty, Ethan Farino
  • Captain Quote:

“My individual goals are to be the best leader as possible and pitch the best that I’m capable of doing every time I go out on the mound. Our team goals for the season are to win the league championship and then go on to win counties.” – Captain Chris Buehler



  • The badminton team is starting its first year as an official Ward Melville competitive sport. Team members are eager to learn the game and have fun challenging teams in other school districts.
  • Captain Quote:

“Since it’s our first year as a program, we aren’t expecting any huge wins or titles. We’re really just trying to get to know the sport and appreciate it for what it is.” – Captain Molly Fernandez


Girls Lacrosse:

  • With a loss early into the playoffs last year, the WM girls lax team is looking to go far this year in hopes of winning a championship; whether that be a county, island, or a state plaque.  The team talent is extremely high this year and the Patriots are predicted to accomplish what they’ve been chasing for quite some time now. With ten members of the team being division one recruits, 8 out of 10 of them being seasoned seniors, the immediate future is bright for the Lady Pats.
  • Notable Returning Players: Shannon Berry, Shannon Coughlan, Kate Mulham, Kerri Thornton, Jill Becker, Shannon Brazier
  • Current Record: 4-0
  • Captain Quote:

“As a team, I think we have a number of goals we’d like to achieve. I think one of those goals is to develop each day not only as student-athletes but as young women. Another goal we have is to take every game as it comes at us with hopes of winning a county, Long Island, and maybe even a state championship.” – Captain Shannon Berry

“My personal goals for this season not only consist of improving my skills on the field but also working to improve my character. This is my first experience as being a captain of a team, so I really want to take this opportunity to develop as a leader. I hope to instill confidence in each and every one of my teammates, helping them to be more successful come game time. Great teams need great leaders, and I hope that for this team I can be one of those great leaders that helps us to achieve our goal of winning a championship.” – Captain Shannon Berry


Boys Lacrosse:

  • Still on a high from what may be one Ward Melville’s greatest comebacks in last year’s state championship, the boy’s lacrosse team has begun their season with a perfect record of 7-0.  Along with the girls team, a majority of their starting line up includes division one commits from Georgetown (Alex Mazzone, senior defender) to West Point (Liam Davenport, senior midfielder).  The boys still have the taste of the state victory in their mouthguards and will stop at nothing to carry on the legacy.
  • Current Record: 7-0
  • Notable Returning Players: Zach Hobbes, Liam Davenport, Matthew Grillo, Alex Mazzone, Pat O’Neil, Frank Ciniglio, Dylan Pallonetti, Malachy McAvoy, and Michael Giaquinto
  • Captain Quote:

“Our goal as a team is to win every game this season and get another state championship. As a captain this year, I want to have an impact on a successful team and help the team to achieve the goal of winning every game. One of our main challenges is to keep focus no matter who the opponent is and to overcome diversity in tough situations on the field.” – Captain Liam Davenport

Pictures for each sport coming soon!