Walkout in Protest of Gun Violence on March 14

Maya Peña-Lobel

Ward Melville High School students will be walking out on March 14, 2018  at 10am to protest gun violence.  An estimated 200 students will be leaving from the gym doors into the parking lot.  A 17-second of silence in honor of the 17 killed in the Parkland Massacre is expected, along with rallying chants and potentially a few short speeches by some students. This student-led walkout will be in conjunction with thousands of others around the country at the exact same time. The students organizing the walkout have received confirmation from the principal that students who walk out will not be reprimanded unless they remain outside after the movement is over just to cut class or avoid school.

Most students are not yet of voting age, but many believe that this walkout will empower the youth and prove that they are not powerless.  On this large of a scale, the walkout is sure to attract media attention (in fact, an article has already been published about it, which you can read here) which will theoretically reach policymakers, encouraging them to pass laws favored by those they represent, including students, and thus incite actual change.  In addition to students participating in this event, they are also encouraged to call local and state legislators to ask for restrictions on gun use, such as banning assault weapons and increasing the standards for background checks.  Some people have suggested that students and their parents should call New York legislators during the specific time of walkout as to flood them with calls and thus make a stronger statement.

For more information and updates about the walkout, follow the Instagram account @wmhs_walkout.