NYRR Millrose Games 2018


Elizabeth Wang, Sports Editor

On February 3rd, the annual New York Road Runner Millrose Games will be up and running once again. Ready to compete are Ward Melville’s most talented female track runners: Elizabeth Radke, Sam Sturgess, Allyson Gaedge, and Sam Rutt.

The event will be held at the New Balance Track & Field Center at the Armory, in Manhattan’s Washington Heights. Nicknamed “the fastest track in the world,” the course brings together the best high school, college and professional runners every year. Prior competitors at this event have been international gold medal winners such as Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Omar McLeod, and Emma Coburn.

The opportunity to compete at this prestigious event is not just given to any team. Before being accepted to compete at the Millrose games, our Ward Melville runners first had to first qualify for and compete at the rigorous Millrose trials, which took place on January 10th. The team qualified for the trials with one of the fastest 4×400 times in Suffolk County. At the trials themselves, the team finished top five in Suffolk County, allowing them to move on to the Millrose games. At the Millrose Games, the top five relay teams from Nassau County and Suffolk County will compete against one another.

Elizabeth, Sam S., Allyson, and Sam R.’s success so far is not surprising. The four have been training extensively throughout the track season. Their current workout regimen consists of two challenging workouts a week. Earlier in the week is typically more of a speed-based day, where they train for shorter distance races of 200 to 300 meters. The second workout focuses on longer distances, usually around 600 or 800 meters. This varied training schedule allows them to work on different aspects of their running technique. In between these workout days, the girls do recovery runs together. With all four of them working together, they can push and challenge each other to do their best.

Sam Rutt, a current senior, has competed at the Millrose Games in prior years and is excited to return. “The Armory is my favorite track ever,” Sam says. “The whole arena is decorated for the Millrose Games specifically, and there are pro-runners that race with us, making the meet even more awesome. The crowd and fans are also a lot more intense than at the typical high school meet.”

Along with the crowd at the Millrose Games, we at Ward Melville will also be cheering them on. Best of luck to our runners!