2014 Senior Trip Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest

Ramya Rao, Editor-in-Chief

With only about 30 students signed up for a trip which needed 90 students to run, the 2014 Senior Field trip to Six Flags has been officially cancelled. Several seniors were disappointed and confused that their peers did not decide to sign up.

“It really stinks that almost all the seniors this year didn’t realize how much fun this trip could be: you get an exempt absence from school and you get to run around an amusement park with your friends. Who wouldn’t want to go on it?” said one senior, Ursula Mates.

Some students attribute the lack of sign ups to the fact that only 90 students were allowed to go. “The reason people didn’t sign up was sort of out of protest. They thought that having only 90 spots for a senior trip while the senior class has 570 kids is unfair,” commented senior Alie Salvador.

“It wasn’t a very popular trip in the beginning. When they put a limit of 90 kids that could go on the trip, it wasn’t very appealing,” said Angelo Yeh, a senior who decided not to sign up.

Mrs. Kreamer, a senior class advisor, explained that the reason behind the 90 spot limit was that the bus companies the district uses had only two available buses. In addition, the deadline for handing in permission slips could not be delayed because of the lengthy time necessary for the paperwork to be processed.

Regardless of the reasons, this year’s seniors have decided to opt out of the Senior field trip and spend one more day at Ward Melville High School.