The Blame Game: New York Giants Edition

Instant Therapy for Mentally-Scarred Giants Fans


Odell Beckham Jr. is out for the season as the Giants continue to disappoint

Jonathan Huang, Staff Writer

One of the worst seasons in New York Giants history just keeps getting worse. The team has one of the worst records in the league and sits in line for a top 3 pick. In the space of a few weeks, they fell from Super Bowl favorites to the biggest letdown in recent sports history. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. When was the last time that a team lost half of its offense to injury, much less all on one day? Even in past seasons, fans had the consolation of watching the electric Odell Beckham Jr. put on a show every week, but now, even that is gone. The Giants are an underachieving team with even worse coaching, resulting in unwatchable football. If you were to measure the sadness of the Giants season, it falls somewhere between the signing of Brock Osweiler and the butt-fumble by Mark Sanchez. So, let the Blame Game commence.

The Offensive Line

Most analysts at the beginning of the season reasoned that that the Giants were one average o-line away from being Super Bowl contenders. They were right. When you have a 36-year-old Eli Manning who can’t run for his life as your quarterback, you better protect him with at least a few layers of bubble wrap, some packing peanuts, and – most importantly – an offensive line. Flash forward to present day: Eli is running for his life on a weekly basis, and failing in hilarious fashion, mostly because of a leaky o-line that can’t block a dead camel, much less multiple 300+ pound athletic monsters. When your o-line is made up of 4 career backup linemen, and one Ereck Flowers, you have yourself a problem. Giants fans everywhere hope Eli doesn’t leave the next game on a stretcher, but at least we get a few more games of watching a skinny middle aged guy getting chased by dude 5 times his size.

Head Coach Ben McAdoo

At this point, McAdoo is synonymous with idiocy and “WTF”, especially among Giants fans. Who knew it was possible to make this many boneheaded mistakes in a single season? He can’t control the locker room, with multiple players not showing up to practices, and others downright quitting, much less win games. He doesn’t even have the guts to admit that the Giants are bad, saying, “I’m not embarrassed by this team.” Good for you, McAdoo! Don’t worry  – he’ll get fired soon enough.

General Manager Jerry Reese

How he’s been the Giants’ general manager for 10 years now, no one will ever know. Sure, he drafted Odell Beckham Jr. He also drafted Ereck Flowers, Ryan Nassib, Clint Sintim, Marvin Austin, and Owa Odighizuwa. If you can recognize, or place any positive sentiment on any of those names, I applaud you. Reese is a notoriously bad drafter, especially this year, when he passed up on shoring up the biggest weakness of the team: the offensive line. He also failed to address that weakness in free agency, signing a bunch of low tier players instead of upgrading the team. That ounce of respect you have for the dude, surviving 10 whole years without getting the sack, is finally gone after this season.

There you go. Take your anger out on those fools. After all of the suffering this season, we deserve better. Giants fans everywhere shall not rest until they’re all fired, sacked, and replaced. *Sigh*…it’s going to be a long rest of the season…