Athlete of the Month – Shannon Coughlan


Leon Zhao, Sports Editor

Shannon Coughlan has been chosen as Kaleidoscope’s Athlete of the Month! Coughlan is a captain of the Ward Melville Varsity Field Hockey team and is hoping to lead the team into another successful season. Here is what she has to say about herself and her sport.


Q: How long have you been playing field hockey?

A: Since 7th grade.

Q: The WM field hockey team has been particularly successful the past few years. What do you attribute the team’s success to?

A: I think our team’s success can be attributed largely to our team chemistry and work ethic. We’ve always had a strong relationship on and off the field, which encouraged us to give everything we have for each other. As far as our work ethic, we work extremely hard in the off season and during practices to prepare for games. In the summer we practice twice a week and play games every Monday nights. During season, although we never fail to have fun, we always are focused and intense.

Q: What are your personal goals and goals for the team this final season based on past achievements?

A: Well, considering we went to states the past two years, my ultimate goal is to continue that this season. Hopefully this year, if we can continue to give everything we have in the post season and make it back, the third time will be the charm.

Q: What do you have as an athlete that you believe contributes to the team?

A: Personally, I do my best to always have a positive and focused attitude. This has always been easy to do in a program like WMFH where that mindset is contagious throughout the team.

Q: What do you do to train in the off-season?

A: My favorite form of training in the off-season is going to the turf with my teammates and playing around/practicing for our run test.

Q: Are you seeking to continue field hockey in college?

A: No, I’m committed to play lacrosse at Yale.