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Allison Dana

SUNY Fredonia

Music Education

1) I plan to study music education, because music is an incredibly important part of my life and I feel that it is important to afford future children the same opportunities.

2) My most memorable experience at Ward Melville has been being a part of the music department through Wind Ensemble, pit, and Tri-M.

3) I regret not participating in school sports, not trying Players, and missing out on so much more. In a school with so many opportunities, there just isn’t time to do everything that you’re interested in!

4) The most important thing I’ve learned during high school is not to get bogged down with stress and work; the things you’ll remember are not the assignments or test grades, but the people who were there experiencing it all alongside you.

5) My advice for underclassmen would be to work hard, but put yourself first. There isn’t a class in the world more important than your sanity, despite your ambition.