Senior Interviews: Hugh Ferguson


Hugh Ferguson, Attending Northeastern University

1) I plan on studying a combined major of computer science and business administration. It seems obvious to say that computers play an integral role in pretty much everything we do as a society, but I’d rather not be simply a benefactor of these technologies, but instead an originator of them. The tech behind even the most basic of tasks are incredibly fascinating to me, and by studying computer science I hope that I can gain a deeper understanding of them while also bringing more into the world.
2) Some of my most memorable times at Melville have also been probably some of the least interesting. While I could recall sports championships, DECA trips, or jazz concerts, it’s the little things that I hope to carry with me. Trying to hack into the school accounts in Comp Sci, practicing for a TED talk late at night in the LGI, and of course, going through all of it with friends I hope to carry with me long after my time at Melville.
3) I definitely regret not pushing myself earlier in school. I never really took academics seriously until junior year, and to my great surprise I found out that doing well in school was actually not so bad, as well as being incredibly satisfying and growing me as a person long past the next stats test. I also regret not trying all I could at Melville. Not taking all the classes I was interested in (or not interested in!), not participating in more clubs, and generally being less actively involved in activities around the school. Finally, I regret not doing more outside of school. I think it’s very easy to get trapped in the homework-sports-school mindset, where there is room for “typical” high school activities and little else. But breaking the mold and starting a business, starting a club, or learning a new skill will all benefit you just as much as the usual high school routine.
4)  Probably the most important thing I’ve learned at high school is when to break the mold and when to conform to it. Things like studying for tests, going to lacrosse games, and being in school clubs have given me some amazing memories and life skills. But learning how to set my own priorities in life, learning when to come to school early and when to take a day off and go to the beach- that’s something that will stay with you for a lifetime. There’s nothing wrong with going along with the crowd, but learning to figure out what’s important to you versus what’s important to everyone else- that’s something a lot of the crowd doesn’t have.
5) Your time at Melville is what you make of it- that is, don’t waste it by being afraid to be your own person. Don’t be afraid of being smart, being weird, or doing something different. Set your own agenda. Being young is about making mistakes, so don’t be afraid to make some. Finally, try as hard as you can in school, but don’t get so focused on grades and extracurriculars and college that you forget to make some memories along the way.