Club of the Month: Hebrew Culture Club

Maddy Avni, Staff Writer

The Hebrew Culture Club is a relatively new club at Ward Melville, having only been founded last year. The club’s main function is to honor the Jewish tradition, but anyone, Jewish or not, is more than welcome to join and attend meetings. It runs programs to celebrate Jewish holidays and raise awareness of the rich Jewish culture and heritage. In addition, it prides itself on its community service initiatives and charitable ventures.


The Hebrew Culture Club’s most recent venture was a collaboration with the International Culture Club to hold a Passover seder made entirely out of chocolate. The seder is a ritual meal held to tell the story of the historic release of the Jews from Egypt, where they were held as slaves in ancient times. Special dishes are served to represent parts of the story, which is traditionally told as the meal is eaten. Each of these significant dishes was represented by a different type of chocolate at the Hebrew Culture Club seder. The International Culture Club attended in order to learn about the history and customs of the Jewish culture.


At the Hebrew Culture Club, the number one policy is one of acceptance. Anyone, Jewish or not, is welcome to join in its meetings and festivities. The club meets every Tuesday after school in the computer lab across from the library. If you are interested in the culture and customs of Judaism, don’t hesitate to stop by!