Be Our Guest!


Haasitha Korlipara, Staff Writer

On the evening of June 22, the seniors of Ward Melville High School will receive the chance to dress up in colorful gowns and tuxedos, make a grand entrance in vehicles ranging from limousines to horse-drawn carriages, and have their “spotlight” moment while sauntering down the red carpet during one of the most awaited events of the year: prom.

From “The Great Gatsby” to “Arabian Nights”, Ward Melville is known for its several unique prom themes, which are decided by the prom committee each year. Yet the question on the tip of every senior’s tongue remains: What will this year’s prom theme be?

During the past month, the rumor mill of Ward Melville has whirled at full speed, with the word spreading about a potential prom theme for this June: “Beauty and the Beast”. Taking into consideration the seemingly endless lines of Ward Melville students forming outside the AMC Loews Theater during the past few days, it comes as no surprise that the feverish anticipation surrounding the recently released movie, Beauty and the Beast, may have motivated the prom committee to incorporate this disney fantasy into the notable evening in June.  

For all of those seniors who are at the edge of their seats, eager to know whether these rumors are in fact true, you may sit at ease. The vice president of the prom committee, Emily Paul, confirms, “The prom theme is in fact Beauty and the Beast, and the committee and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! All though we can’t give everything away, we’ve taken elements from the classic tale, original Disney movie, and the new adaptation to create our plans. From a fountain in the French village to the enormous library in The Beast’s castle, I think students will be happily surprised when they initially walk in!”

Unlike high schools such as Smithtown East, who have hosted their prom at locations outside school grounds including the renowned Oheka Castle where Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” music video was set, Ward Melville will continue its tradition of holding the senior prom at the school itself. Although the location may not be as exotic as some seniors have hoped for this year, junior Kathryn Hopkins, a member of the prom committee, reassures us that “The prom committee always tries to transform the school so it doesn’t look like an ordinary public high school, and every year we accomplish that goal. So this year, we are taking everyone to France!”

The news of this year’s prom theme has already received positive feedback, with senior Serena Zhao exclaiming, “I’m really happy with the theme since I love Disney! I also think it fits into the idea of prom very well because one of the most iconic scenes from Beauty and the Beast was the ballroom dancing scene.” Senior Amy Huang is also excited to see how the prom committee will prepare for a disney theme, remarking, “ Of course, I thought it’d be super cool if our prom theme was Space. Though nevertheless, I think this year’s prom theme as Beauty and the Beast is incredibly sweet, and it’s also perfect timing with the release of the new movie. The theme also allows for many creative decorations and set-ups, and I’m very excited to see how it our school is transformed!”

As the Beast had once wisely said, “Take it with you so you’ll always have a way to look back.” Whether it’s dancing the night away with a date or simply goofing around with good friends, the memories made at this prom “as old as time, true as it can be”  will reside in the hearts of the seniors, and present them with a way to look back at their time in Ward Melville!