Trump’s New Health Care Plan Is Up For Consideration


Elizabeth Wang, Staff Writer

President Donald Trump has introduced a new health care bill. The new program will result in health insurance premiums being 10% lower than Obamacare’s projected prices. At the same time, approximately 14 million fewer people will have health care insurance in the coming years.

The White House assures us that premiums are lowering. Health care is becoming more affordable. Why are so many people going to lose their health insurance?

President Trump’s plan is projected lower health care premiums on average. Health care premiums are, in fact, increasing for some and decreasing for others. Thus, while these numbers average to a net decrease in costs, a part of the American citizen demographic will actually experience an increase in health care prices.

Who is experiencing this increase? The older American generation. Trump’s new plan will allow insurance companies to charge older patients more than they could under Obamacare.The average sixty-year-old could receive a 20-25% increase in health care premiums. Older patients may be forced to go without health care simply because they cannot afford the higher prices.

At the same time, some may forgo their health care coverage by choice. The bill repeals the mandate that requires people to buy insurance. Individuals now have the choice to decide whether or not they want health insurance. This new freedom, combined with the higher premiums, are the likely culprits for the predicted drop in health care insurees.

Who will experience the decrease in health care insurance costs? The younger American demographic. Under President Trump’s new plan, the average twenty-year-old could expect a 20-25% decrease in health care premiums. Trump also argues that he can bring down premium costs by loosening regulations on what health insurers are required to provide.

Responses to President Trump’s new plan have been mixed. The new health care plan will make affording healthcare easier for some and more difficult for others. Will Congress pass the bill?