Is Junior Prom Worth it?

WMHS Junior Prom Expectations vs. Reality

Sydney Tasman, Staff Writer

Ask anyone outside of Ward Melville, “Is Junior Prom a big deal?” I guarantee the answer will be yes.  It’s another reason to get dressed up and dance with your friends. The real question is, who wouldn’t want to go? Many think, “Aren’t the kids who don’t go to prom usually the ones who are un-social or hate all school functions?” That’s what I believed up until last weekend at the Ward Melville Junior Prom where I found that my idea of high school dances that I’d gotten from watching too many old 80s movies had failed me.

This year the junior class is large, about 600 students.  I assumed that the dance would be filled with kids from every group dancing and having a good time.  The Junior Prom I went to last week, however, brought in only 185 students, including the sophomores who came as dates to a few juniors. I even witnessed some dates showing up  just to take pictures with their girlfriends before the actual event, all dressed up with a corsage and everything!  My friends and I had decided to go, just us girls, since the guys we’re friends with decided it wasn’t worth their time.  We enjoyed a night of dancing, dress malfunctions, and, of course, pictures, pictures, pictures!  It’s been said that the only reason us girls go is to get all dressed up and take pictures, something I can’t completely disagree with.  Nevertheless, it was a fun night and I am glad I went, but I was still curious why so many people didn’t attend. Some responses were, “I forgot to bring money,” or “I’m going to senior prom”; “None of my friends were going… I don’t have a girlfriend;  “I went last year and it wasn’t fun, and I have something better to do.”

Most of these are valid excuses and yes, I understand school dances aren’t for everyone; they’re expensive and tiring and sometimes pretty dull. There was also barely any advertisement for this prom besides a few small posters hanging in every other hallway and maybe a muffled encouragement from the morning announcements to buy tickets the one week (only one!) they were on sale.  I have to say, however poor the planning may have been, that the tradition of the Junior Banquet here at Ward Melville is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. My take from the experience is to go, have fun, and make some memories while you’re still in high school.