Physics Trip Officially Back


Nicholas Kitevski, Staff Writer

Despite its initial cancellation, the Physics trip to Six Flags Great Adventure has been officially brought back and scheduled to take place on April 21st. The trip had been originally cancelled due to an issue with the coach buses that provide transportation of Ward Melville students to the park in New Jersey. As the trip is out-of-state, the school can only use coach buses to transport the students and not school buses as they cannot go out of the state. As such, an issue with the coach buses would have caused the trip to be cancelled. However, this issue has been resolved and the trip is now officially back on.

This has caused excitement among Ward Melville Physics students who were disappointed when the trip was initially cancelled. To quote junior David Sun, “I’m excited for the trip because it’s one of the few times where as part of a field trip we get to do something outside of school.” Due to only being able to bring a limited amount of people, the trip was on a “first come, first served” basis regarding sign-ups. In total, one hundred and forty-eight people signed up for the trip on the first day out of two hundred spots, and the remaining fifty-two spots were quickly filled on the second day of sign-ups. The Great Adventure trip for Physics has been something that has been happening year after year for a while and now it seems that despite initial setbacks, the trip will go on for more to come.