All the news this week: Your Weekend Update

Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

Here’s what happened this week nationally and across the globe:


  • Resetting your biological clock: Most of us can relate to staying up all night and the consequential grogginess in the morning. Our circadian clock (our body’s system sleep regulatory system) slowly changes as we sleep later in the evening. This change may cause a whole host of health problems including diabetes, heart disease, or just general grogginess. Recently, however, researchers at the University of Colorado have found that going on camping trips can “reset” this clock and does away with the grogginess late sleepers experience.
  • Cervical Cancer Detection: Researchers are stressing–now more than ever–that the detection of cervical cancer should be a priority. Researchers suggest that women should be screened every three years, until they are 30 yrs old.

Science and Technology

  • Google’s Assistant: Google plans to implement its earlier assistant (from the Pixel) into its Nexus phones. Sources also suggest that Android smartwatches might be able to use this famous feature.
  • Scientists’ March: For many scientists, Trump’s travel ban, the removal of environmental pages from the White House’s website, and the communication “blackout” are all reasons to march on Washington D.C. Organizers want this march to support the idea of science and the idea of concrete evidence as well. The march is growing in popularity, with almost 800,000 followers on its Facebook page.

Entertainment and Sports

  • Tom Brady, Best player?: After the Patriots won over 200 games with Brady as the starter, many are beginning to suggest he is the best player ever. A number of Hall of Fame players, including Troy Aikman and Fran Tarkenton, certainly suggest that he is. The answer to this question, however, may change after Sunday night.
  • Lady Gaga’s Statement: Lady Gaga is known to make statements about issues she cares about, namely LGBT rights. Unsurprisingly, this year the media is again speculating as to whether or not she will make a statement.


  • Trump Brand Suffers: With massive protests against the president underway, it appears that Mr. Trump’s brands have suffered as well. Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing and jewelry was dropped by Nordstrom and another company line. Also, companies are starting to pull ad time from The Apprentice. For many business executives, the connection to Trump was potentially damaging to their brand, so they pulled support.
  • Lockheed Martin Deal Saves Millions: Defense company, Lockheed Martin, pledged to drive down the cost of F-35 fighter jets. As a result, $700 million was saved in the $8.5 billion deal. This marks the first time that this military aircraft’s price was driven down.
  • Elon Musk and Trump’s Council: Elon Musk stated that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s decision to leave the business advisory council was “wrong.” Mr. Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX, stated that he wanted to work with Trump to create new technologies that will improve the world.

Foreign Affairs

  • U.S.-Iran Tensions Rising:  Trump’s travel ban and Iran’s missile test increased tensions, this week, between the two countries. The United States has implemented sanctions and put Iran “on notice.” After the nuclear deal, it appears as though tensions remain stiff.
  • China-U.S. Relations: China, in a statement from its foreign ministry, assailed the United States’ recommitment to Japan’s defense. Furthermore, the statement urged Trump and his secretary of Defense, James Mattis, to stand down on the issue of Japan’s disputed islands.
  • Louvre Reopens: The Louvre announced that it would reopen following a period of inactivity after the suspect of a machete attack was identified. Egypt identified the attacker as Abdullah El-Hamahmy. Further investigations are taking place.

U.S. News

  • New Appointees: This week, President Trump swore in cabinet nominees, namely Rex Tillerson (Secretary of State). He also nominated Circuit Court Judge Neil Gorsuch, an Ivy-League educated judge who served as a clerk for two Supreme Court justices.
  • Trump’s Popularity: Two recent polls, released by Rasmussen Reports and Politco, report that Trump’s approval rating is higher than many suggest. According to both polls, 52% of voters approved of his performance, while 44% disapproved. Is this a pattern from the election of 2016? Only time will tell.
  • UC Berkley Protests: At the invitation of Republican students, from the University of California at Berkley, Milo Yiannopoulos came to deliver a talk. However, 200 violent protesters stormed the building, destroyed $100,000 of property, and assaulted the talk’s attendees, according to campus police. The mayor of Berkley, who apparently told officers to stand down, launched a formal investigation.