An American Visionary: An Exclusive Interview with Reilly Browne


Samuel Kim, Staff Reporter

Most of you may have probably heard of PoliChat, from Kscope Radio. PoliChat is one of the many political shows on the Internet, however. Reilly Browne, a sophomore at Ward Melville High School, was confused by the election results. As a result, he decided to create a group of politically charged individuals who had varying beliefs, from the conservatives who supported Trump to the liberals who supported Bernie Sanders.

During midterms week, Kscope News reached out to Reilly Browne, founder of American Convo TV (American Conversation) for an exclusive interview. The following is a complete transcript of the exclusive interview we conducted.

Samuel Kim (Kscope reporter): Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Reilly Browne (Founder of American Convo TV): Thanks for having me.

SK: What made your start the American Conversation Network?

RB: The American Conversation is best described as a reaction to the election, and thus its origins start in the fallout following Donald Trump’s victory. This election, America has turned into a very polar political landscape. As a president who was more disliked than liked rose to power, I figured so too must his opposition. In an age of Post-Factualism and censorship, I aspire to destroy such status-quos by creating a network of politically charged individuals who speak freely in the name of fact, order, and unity.

SK: What is the goal of this project?
RB: The ultimate goal of The American Conversation is to destroy censorship. As such I have employed the future of America to engage in politics. This network is a direct response to the division this country faces, and as such it is an open platform for all political affiliations.
SK: Is this directed towards a specific audience?
RB: The shows are directed towards undecided students who will vote in future elections.
SK: What shows air on your network?
RB: Polichat and Reilly James Show. We have plans for more, including a titular series.
SK: Where can people find the link to this channel?
RB: Follow @americanconvo1 on Twitter for links
SK: What inspired you to pursue video production?
RB: I have been making videos for a couple of years without much success. I have always had a desire for expression, so I decided to open a platform for all students to voice their opinions, myself included.
It was clear from our interview that Reilly Browne has embarked on a project that will revolutionize the way the political media is run. He has provided a platform for students to express diverse opinions and to talk about pertinent political issues. By doing so, he is giving the future voters a voice and a platform.