Chess: A Growing School Trend?

Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

Throughout the ages, man has developed games to improve his mind, strategize, and have fun. These “brain games” have improved the mind and provided an intellectual outlet to have fun. Recently, chess has gained much popularity in Ward Melville High School. With the addition of chess tables, in the library, scores of students have sat down to play multiple games.

The popularity of chess has, noticeably, been growing. Students from all backgrounds, from the sports-types to the math-types, have all enjoyed learning about the game. Samuel Catalfo, a sophomore, commented that, “The chess boards are really nice and fun to use. The addition of these boards got me into chess and I can’t stop playing!” The school library wanted to implement these boards to promote brain games and to help the mental/intellectual development of students. Students don’t just use the boards in the library, however. Apps, such as Chess Lite and Chess- Play and Learn, are used to take the fun and make it mobile. These programs allow friends to compete against each other and win matches. They even teach students how to play the game.

The increasing popularity of chess, in our school, is evidence of a revived fascination with mental development. If such teachers can find ways to incorporate brain games into their curricula, then the results may prove to be beneficial.