Terrorists Strike Again!: The Nightclub Attack in Istanbul

Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

Istanbul was celebrating the New Year. The citizens of Turkey were hoping for peace and stability. However, in the early hours of January 1, 2017, gunshots rang out in a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Reina, a high-end nightclub that boasts a view of the Bosphorus Strait, was not an ideal target for a terrorist attack. It was a place for tourists to experience the high-end, Turkish nightlife. According to one witness, everything was fine before the gunmen started opening fire. Another witness said that “…they began shooting everything.” Security camera footage caught a man (in dark clothing) with an assault rifle entering the club. Later, U.S. and Turkish officials confirmed that this attack was ISIS-inspired and ISIS took responsibility. According to counterterrorism analysts, the club was a prime target. These experts say that the club was a place that 1. represented everything ISIS was fighting against and 2. would yield many casualties.  As of now, thirty-nine people have died and sixty-four are injured.

Terrorism has been a big issue for Turkey, in 2016. Along with the Ankara bombing, attacks from the PKK and ISIS have also wreaked havoc on the country. For Turkey, a symbol of Western ideals in the Middle East, this attack has put the city on high alert. The citizens of Istanbul are waiting with anxiousness and fear.