The End of An Era: Ronda Rousey Defeated Again


Priya Mukhi, Staff Writer

In just 48 seconds, Ronda Rousey’s UFC comeback ended with a startling loss to Brazilian bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes.

After an unexpected loss to Holly Holm last year, Rousey’s reign as champion came to a halt, as did her career. Ronda Rousey took a break from her fighting career to rehabilitate her strength and focus. As part of her hiatus, the 29 year-old appeared in very few media events and interviews. Nevertheless, she hosted NBC’s popular comedy showcase Saturday Night Live last January and attended interviews on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February and November.

During her first interview with Ellen, Rousey stated that after her loss she had suicidal thoughts, indicating her misfortune had shattered her once intrepid confidence and readiness. By her next interview in November, however, she walked in with a different aura, one of a woman who exuded mental peace, one of a woman who was ready to dominate Nunes in their upcoming fight. But apparently, her new mindset and motivation did not last long.

All throughout the fight, Ronda Rousey’s defense was weak, as she was put off guard by Amanda Nunes’s repetitive, merciless blows to her body. The fight ended within 48 seconds, Nunes defeating Rousey with a first-round TKO (total knockout).

Rousey’s stunning loss at UFC 207 on Friday night has certainly sparked the curiosity and attention of the media. Will the once great Ronda Rousey ever step back in the ring, or will she retire after two straight unforeseen and heartbreaking losses? UFC president Dana White remarked that this is most likely her final fight, although Rousey still needs time to make her final decision.