How to Fight Against Fake News

Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

Every citizen of this country should be entitled to their own opinions and be free to PEACEFULLY and NONVIOLENTLY express them. Of course, if a Facebook account of a terrorist group encourages acts of violence, then the U.S. government should shut down that account. However, we are not talking about that scenario. We are NOT assuming that InfoWars, The Young Turks, and Breitbart are terrorist organizations. We are NOT assuming that ALL alternative news networks are not credible. We are discussing the thousands of fake news stories about Hillary Clinton, her foundation, and the 2016 election.

In order to differentiate alternative news networks and fake news, I will provide my definition of “fake news.” Fake news is the invention of facts based on inferences made from minute and insignificant details. Pizzagate is an example of a fake news new story. Many “reporters” found that there were innumerable references to pizza in the Wikileaks emails. They, somehow, concluded that the pizzeria mentioned in the emails (World’s pizza) was the center of Hillary Clinton’s “human trafficking” ring. Although these so-called “news outlets” said the basement of the pizzeria was where this trafficking occurred, there was NO BASEMENT in the pizzeria at all. This story, along with others, did encourage a man to bring his gun to investigate World’s Pizza. Shortly after shooting his gun, he was arrested.

The question we must now ask is, “How do we prevent these fake news stories from enacting violence?” My answer is that we MUST reform the media. The ONLY issue I AGREED with Donald Trump on was this: the media is extremely biased. Other than the BBC and the Associated Press, I could not find a SINGLE media outlet without a prejudiced opinion of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I believe that it was this blatantly obvious bias that drove millions of innocent people to believe fallacies and lies. If we can reform the media, to include liberals, radicals, conservatives, and alt-righters, everyone can be satisfied. Everyone can believe the truth.